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Monday, May 16, 2011

embrace the world

from a trustworthy person to a normal friend
started my new life seeing it wisely
im not being used but to be fool
the difference before and behind
i chose to believe the best study the strength
to overlook the weakness neglect the ugliness
you turn my adoration to disappointment
i should be glad that i have woken up
to open my eyes look into the world
where the glorious occur
im no longer your shadow
i should be proud that i have lives well by my own
or even better without following your foot steps
your words are no longer an impact
your actions are no longer unique
i have seen the embrace of the ocean
i have felt the warmth of the air
we will never override the time
we can rarely walk around the earth
since the day i step out
i have learnt that embrace the world
which i felt the freedom and happiness
if i choose to embrace by the world
there is where i felt the loneliness

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