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Thursday, March 25, 2010

wake me up plz..........

do you always clarified when you have a question??
what if this question or the answer will bring changes to your life
which you do not know if that will be a good one or bad one
it's that something that you really wanna know
or it's that really the answer you wanna get
i'm not so sure what do i want
got the feeling of just knowing the truth
but it's that really what i want??
some told me that i need to clarify
some told me know nothing is the best
what do you think??....
maybe i just need to stay away from everything
like what i use to be
pretend as i already forget everything
i still prefer to live with my own lies
at least i need not to think about anything
and i can live happily although knowing nothing
its time to wake up from my dream
the past is gone......it is OVER!!

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