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Thursday, March 18, 2010

an old friend.....

just had dinner with an old friend today
which she just join the company and started her new life
will be joining me for flying very soon in June
its just so comfortable when meeting a friend in SG
specially someone who can understand the feeling of having this job
because we are going through the same process
and growing at the same time in the same way
at least someone can understand what im trying to say about my job
anyway just feel happy to meet an old friend in a new place
although i have been staying here for a year and above
but its always a new life for us who is away from home
not very old friend
but at least is a friend i get to know before im here
put it the other way
im a friend of hers
the 1st friend she met in her 1st interview in her life time
since she has sign the contract so im her 1st friend,....
for her 1st full time job in her life..............
sounds better though....hahaha
its glad to have another friend joining this big family with me
so i have got 1 more friend to share things with
and we have got accompany for each other away from home
hope that she will have a good start and always bless by God
in the same way of mine........do take care of yourself
and welcome to the big family,.......Emily~Ai Wei

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