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Saturday, March 06, 2010

i love becca so muchie...........

its simply a very random post
due to what i post recently in FB and my blog
i received quite a numbers of concern from friends
i really appreciate that....
just that i never expected someone will just drop me a msg
although she know that im outstation
and she is the latest friend i have meet so far in SG
i never discover a friend who will call or sms me the 1st place
when i feel down or what so ever
i can't remember is she the 1st person who do so??
i really feel very happy when i saw the msg
Rebecca,...do you know how happy do i feel
rather then remembering the cruel thingy??
so touching to have such a friend who concern about you
i guess i have forget this kind of feeling for quite sometimes
since my bestties are getting busy
or i simply can't reach them when i do need them
thanks God for the arrangement for given me a good flight
which i encounter 2 girls,....my accompany in SG nowadays....
not just 2,....its 3,.....Katherine--housemate of Corinna....
hey girls,...i love you all so muchies......really!!
yes,....i sounds lesbian,...i don't care what you think
girls simply care where guys just abandoned...........
i'm sure someone out there can feel it
they will understand what i meant............

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