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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

standby day....

31 JAN suppose to be my standby day
guess what??
i couldn't sleep since the day before
which i keep logging in to check if they have been activated me
i don't even dare to step out from my house
just because i wanna keep myself fully charged in case i got call up
i couldn't even sleep at night until 4am
i'm tire actually but just too scare to receive call last minute
but thank God i sleep til lunch time on the day itself
for sure i still need to stay home another day
buy home my lunch and finish up the whole series in a day
finally is 10pm and i felt release
because the higher the chance they burned my standby
yeah!! i earn another day off and gonna meet Corinna the day after
i'm happy not because i didn't receive any call
instead i can maintain my roster as i can go home for CNY
yippe!! 14th FEB,.....here i come............=)

our tea time at TCC, Wisma Atria

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