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Friday, February 05, 2010


12am sg time = 5pm zurich time
where i couldn't take it anymore
changed into my gym wear and run to the supermarket
just to buy socks (which i forgot to bring)
i already skip gym for a day
staying in the room which is so warm
really driving me crazy
luckily found mates to had breakfast in the morning
and went to the supermarket buying drystores

was spending an hour time on the running track as usual
but the weather makes me felt more comfy than usual
i thought winter--cold will bring us laziness and tireness
who knows that i felt that is much easier and i don't really feel tire
the best is that i don't feel difficulty in breathing after exercising
hmm,....would love to do it again tomorrow morning if i can make it
just feel good after doing some exercise =)

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