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Friday, February 12, 2010

7th FEB 10

a new Thai restaurant in Somerset 313
which i think is a nice deco resaturant which doesn't look like Thai restaurant

a very standard dish - sambal Kangkung
which might not too spicy for those who cant eat spicy food
and the kangkung is very fresh
very crispy to munch even without having rice

and this is Pineapple Fried Rice
with my favourite cashew nuts as side plating...hehe

a must to order when having Thai food
Seafood Tom Yum - yum yum.....
my favourite dish among three of them
did some shopping after having dinner at Flying Chilies
although there are only 3 dishes that we had ordered
but i guess that's more than enough for 2 person
which is me and Katherine
finally she manage to get her new clothes for CNY
and a new challenge for her
which is she ask my help to change her look
wahahhaha....sounds so expert.....
anyway it's just a sharing and discussion about fashions
because the limitation of time where the shops are going to close
we took train back to Tampines mall to yum cha
Coffee Club - a 'lau di fang' for us to high tea always
because they open 24 hours which we can chit chat till late night
since we have not sit down chit chat since Dec
really had a great time with Katherine tonight
thanks for the time spent and hope to see you soon =)

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