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Friday, March 16, 2012

that's enough!!

memories flow up tonight
remember someone has asked me last x'mas
"what i want for this x'mas"
i never thought of what i want
maybe in fact that i dare not think of any
of course i did ask for simple little things in life
but since when i never dare to ask for "love" to happen
even if i have fallen in this old trap
but why wouldn't i even ask for it
even if it's just right in front of me?
maybe i have never ready to step in the old trap anymore
how true it is that we always fall for the wrong person
how clue it is that you know you can't even grab it
it is a fact that i just can't own it
was it the timing or just not that person?
sometimes things just don't show up the way we want it to be
isn't it that i just walk it through
let things be back on track like how it should be?
but why it just couldn't end there
let it be out of my track
it seems like the cat had never satisfied by stop hunting
how should i pull myself out of that?
i did my best i believe
it is simple enough to read the clear picture
it seems like it couldn't help at all
i got to stand strong with what i have thought
can anyone out there hold me tight please?
please don't even make me fall in the trap ever again
that's enough! i had enough!
it really affected my emotional a lot lately
i got to stay put on my track
"i can do it" ain't i?

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