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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

save it!!

a meaningful anime that i have watch today
a small town everyone is living happily
but there is nothing real in town
not the tree, not the land, no animals
even air need to be purchase
something that's so important in life
a beautiful land with nature is so important
it can be destroy so easily
it is all by human
for the new technologies
for the thought of being rich
how selfish human can be
we are people who slowly killing the nature
the earth is now falling sick
it's getting ill i should say
hard work of 1 or 2 will never help
is everybody's responsibility to take care of it
like what we saw in the movie
a tree can only be grow n protected by all
maybe it is too late to get back the perfect nature
but i believe if we can try doing it bit by bit
we may at least delay the end of the world
do it before it is too late...

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