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Monday, January 02, 2012

just do it

it doesn't matter what is right and what is wrong anymore
isn't it life is just so unpredictable
not wrong if we choose to do things that we are happy with
i shouldn't have bother so much like before
i should have just do it by heart
isn't that my aim for life
i just wanna be happy
nothing further and it is simple
i will do it for myself once in my life time
we never know what will happen tomorrow
let's cherish time and chances
do it when it falls right in front of you
no one gonna blame you for your choice of living
no one should have affect any decision for your life
i will bare in mind
saying that i will take any consequences for choosing this
a path that i have never been
but worth trying since im ready for that
all i need is your support
whatever it is....i will do my best
just to enjoy max in life before we lose it

all the best for the unforeseen future :)

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