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Thursday, January 12, 2012


catch up with the girls today
just get to know that my FGF will be leaving to state soon
not for too long but two years
feeling a little upset
not because i got informed late
being we have not meet for very long
but im upset for her leaving
a gf who has been my companion for pass 2 years
being my listener, my kaki,.....being a really good friend
although she just gonna leave for 2 years
but its long enough for me to miss her lots
i never know if i were to quit flying 
i never know if i were to leave SG
how much i hate being left behind
in a way
i felt happy for her too
that she has found her true love
found her happiness
is my pleasure to have met you in my life
to be here with me for the pass 2 years
where i never felt lonely away from home
im sure we will never lose contact for the next 2 years
in fact never will in the future no matter where we are
i will never love you any lesser
~dear my FGF

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