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Friday, December 23, 2011

to love them

is another year end
where all the festival falls
while we suppose to have some holidays
but i wasn't home for my love ones
in fact i never do
due to my job
where i need to be working specially on holiday seasons
also when i felt sick
mum's call but i couldn't ever speak to her
i felt so sorry
when i know that she is so worried about me all times
is gonna be another new year
how scary is time flying
im always afraid seeing my parents getting older
yet i have done nothing for them
a lot may think that i have given them a lot
but in fact i have only given them support in financial aspect
but never in living aspect
i can never accompany them everyday
but only to visit them once in a while
by seeing them getting older every time i visit home
when will be the time i could be there for them everyday
how could be a better way to express my love to them
im so afraid when times come and i will lose them forever
i can never imagine how i could live without them
i hope i could do something better in life
i hope i could have more times for them
when will be the time i could have a better career
which allow me to be with them most time
to travel with them
to shop with them
to cook for them
just want to be there for them
i don't wish to have any regrets towards them in my life
neither to theirs
i wish to have fulfill their wish as being their daughter
not only to make them proud of what i am doing
but also to be there for them anytime anywhere
i want nothing much in life
but only to see the happiness on their face
isn't it that much i can do for them as being their daughter
i believe they have provide me a good enough living in the past
is time for my returns
is time for me to have do something for them

i hope it's never too late for me to prove them my love

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