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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hearts left at home

*couple with jimui*


when i could recall
i have been busy doing flight change since Aug
yet too quickly everything is over
the wedding is over
everybody has back track to their own busy day
very soon i will be back track to my busy day too
how time flies
it's getting faster n faster
which i think is too quickly
which i can't see what has been going on
everybody was busy preparing for the wedding
we were discussing about the dress code
we were thinking what to do with the tea ceremony
yet it ended just with a twinkle of an eye
we were happy for sure
happy for the couple
happier to gather together on the big day
how often we get to be back home together the same time
only on the big day i guess

n today is the mid-autumn
where we use to be together every year
celebrating at grandma house since we were young
til then when we have grown up
we split to study n to work
on the last night in Ipoh
we decide to have a little celebration
bought some candles to lighten up our hopes
it may sound sad to have only 5 of us this year
but our heart were linked to the memories we had
like our heart linked doesn't matter how far the distance is
home that we miss
family that we love
as we will looking forward to the next meet up
hopefully a big gathering next
miss u all deep in heart <3

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