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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

busy but what?!?

found myself been busy for pass few months
busy going home
busy for family day
busy on holiday
busy in arranging my schedule
in fact im busy over nothing
im busy because i need to fill up my time
i would like to have free time
but to have it over something
instead of staying home doing nothing
i love spending my time with friends
i don't mind if i would be tire
i just can't stay home all alone
what in September??
change flight to go home for cousin's big day
doing Dubai right after London is no joke
im freaking tire
freaking headache specially when the flight isn't smooth
one after another is not funny at all
working everyday from 5th to 9th
flying as a job is not fun
if im not wrong
my next free day would be on the 22nd
how far it could be
but i believe i could reach there very soon
n have that over even faster
looking tru my schedule
is another pack and busy month to go
but i kinda love being busy
to shown that i am not alone
there i realise i have been afraid of being lonely all this while
in fact is sad being busy over nothing

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