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Thursday, January 20, 2011

my love ~

they are all around me where i never know
a small family with lovely parents and 2 elder sister
relative who works in SG together
some who are apart but contactable
group of friends who last for 10 years
numbers of close friend who always stay in touch
bunch of colleagues who cares
they are awesome, lovely and mostly caring
i own more than anybody else
i'm so in love with all my sweetest friends
i'm so in love with all my family members
they are always the best in my world
something that beat anything else
something that no one can buy
seek for your love in your life
they might not sleep next to you every night
they might not someone you get to see every single day
but they are always be there for you
deep in your heart ~

i believe there is the world i belongs to
i am single but never be alone
instead of in love with a person
i am in love of numbers of people who worth it all

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