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Sunday, January 09, 2011

burden = happiness

i just had my 22nd birthday in Dec
and i have to start saying that i am 23 this year
this is what everybody afraid of
afraid of getting old
afraid of being old
im not afraid of getting older
just that im afraid that im not doing good enough
i have been thinking of how to look after my own since young
i have to be independent all the time
to take care of myself as well as my family
i decided to took over the responsibility when i was 20
so then im here now
be a stewardess who looks good all the time
but what can i do for the family
just to support them in financial matter
but im not there with them everyday
are there a parents who wish to be away from their child
i don't think so
am i happy with my life
not really
but what??....this is life
we never get any balance in life
we have to choose what come first in our life
this is all i wanted
i want my parents to live well in their second path of their life
is the time for me to take over
is their time to have fun and relax
i wouldn't care what others judge on a steawardess
ya,...im so called just a higher class of waitress
but what??.....im proud of myself
im doing what best for overall
not just for myself
being a waitress doesn't mean that im doing nothing
as long i did not do things which harm others
as long im doing the best for who i am
as long im doing the best for people who loves me
i should be glad that i could be able to take over
at least i felt im needed in the world
not being a nobody out there
i will grap what ever chances that is given to me
i will appreciate any aportunity to learn in my daily routine
i might not a professional
but i have the chance to learn what others couldn't in their life
burden is a way to learn
burden is way of happiness
this is my life
this is who i am
so love your life
love the way you are
every beginning lead to it's ending
every apportunity lead to a success
grab it and do something about it
everywhere could be a success to you
everywhere there is happiness hidden underneath
im looking forward to see you somewhere on the path
we will be there someday
we are all together
we have to go through the same thing in life
so i will see you when you get there ^.^

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