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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

visit Malacca~~

happen to have a 3 days off after my Moscow/Houston
decided to visit one of my girl friend in Malacca
since we have not meet for quite sometimes
and we actually planned to stay over someday
although there is only me who can make it
but is good enough for just the two of us to spend time together
i am no longer a miss sunshine
because i brought rain to Malacca for this weekend
which we cant go anywhere
hmm,.....but we manage to come to this nice place
which i don't know what's the name
must ask Justina to reply me the name of it,.....lol
the food isn't excellent but i think is a nice place to have dinner
or just even for a chill out section with friends

not only the first day was raining
the same goes to the following days
which we actually wanted to go Jonker Walk
end up we just had layer cheese cake and coffee for tea break
stay home all the while and chit chatting with auntie
although this trip isn't goes smooth like what i have thought
but i do enjoy the time that i have spend with Justina's family
just take it a relax trip after a long haul flight
is always great to have all girls talk in an air-con room
and this is what i love to see from a family
where the childs and the parents can get along with
they are very close to one another
they can talk about everything and anything
which hardly happen to me with my parents

~barbeque time~
where they use to do it once in a while
enjoy it after all grills are done
and have some wine together with the grill
such an enjoying weekend i had
which i will not have it in SG
very soon that this is the last nite i have in Malacca
girls spend time sharing our stories before we go to bed
there is always a goodbye at the end of the day
i get back to where i belongs to
and they have to start another working day
all we can do is just to wait for the next meet up
i had a great time with all of you
miss auntie,both sisters and of coz my bestties Justina
all the advices and stories that we have shared
will arrange another visit as soon as possible.......take care ^.^

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