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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dubai--city tour

is 9am local time....im ready to go.........

on the way to Hilton Hotel to pick up some other tour-mate....

this area called New Dubai....

with plenty of tall buildings and constructions in process.......

we are in somewhere at the Dubai Marina....

just a little sign board......

Umi Sushi at the small little corner at Dubai Marina

the view in front of Hilton Hotel...

there is a shopping mall in on my left hand side...

with Nando's, Pizza..and some other restaurant

Hilton Hotel from my point of view

there is a beach on the right of Hilton Hotel

besides, there is a sky dining here as well

looks cool huh??

but i have no idea how much you need to pay for this adventure dinner
you may find it out if you are interested..

is just in front of Hilton in Dubai

let me know if you get the answer...lol

Starbucks Coffee

herm,..you might not believe it...

this is one of the houses in Dubai....

most of them are in this size or even bigger....

we are just in front of Atlantis

they are my colleagues plus friends

super skinny--Erika on my right

and cute Chien on my left

nice to meet you guys

and we are actually on this palm island but we can't feel it

some nice view in front of Souk Madinet Jumeirah

wow,..the Dubai 7 star hotel is just on top of me

i think it looks better taken by me from this ankle

we are getting nearer

but just in front of the security office

because you have to pay to enter

and there are some guys came to disturb Erika...

so we quickly run back to the van
haha...so funny...like we saw 'Gozilla'

Wild Wali in front of the Dubai Hotel
is a water park
entrance fee--195 dertham

the Palace where you should not take photo

can you see the sign board??

the tour guide told me that:

the security guard will take your camera away if they saw you taking picture of the palace

herm,..how much i wish i own one of them

a beautiful mosque behind us....

and this is taken in front of Dubai Museum

i think is a historical boat

and this is the Wall of Old Dubai

this is the Dubai Museum

is just 3 dertham for the entrance fee

you will get to see the weapon used in the past

some boat made by wood

and many other things about the old Dubai

part time spoke person of Dubai Museum

this tour last for 4 hours for 120 dertham

the tour guide will explain the history of Dubai along the way

you can ask any question that you curious about Dubai

and we manage to spent 4 hours outdoor in the weather which means we are strong

those weather broadcast board says 37 degrees

but we felt like 47 degrees..haha

is really hot

but luckily the air-con in the van is cold enough for 7 of us

or else we might had become a roast chicken

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