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Friday, November 15, 2013

just done too much

while logging in to my page
it was September since the last time i blog
it suppose a good sign being busy i guess?
was busy travel home to spend my day off
busy working
busy learning 
busy partying
busy.....spending money (gathering)
everything just happened too quickly
there goes our time 
after too much of food due to gathering
its time to pick up new and healthy habits
decided to sign up for a gym membership
is time to commit for a better life style
not only to looks good but mainly for health
thinking i wasn't too healthy living my lifestyle as a cabin crew
sleeping late waking up late having irregular meals daily
what's more i can do??
after knowing myself easily falling sick for the past 2years
i had enough...
i should start up a healthy lifestyle before it is too late
just a simple pick up where i have been for the last 2 months
i will try my best not to leave my blog blank again
hopefully more updates soon... stay tuned!

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