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Sunday, June 24, 2012

calling for help

when u know is time to go home
but what come first in mind??
money?? career?? future?? family??
nothing seems to be in perfect situation 
what a difficult decision to make in life
things just sound so much easier than doing it
what i can do best for all??
this is when you find out how precious family is 
after years of leaving home
i had enough of loneliness
i had enough of toughness
i do need the support too
sometimes i really think that i can't do it anymore
but i have to remind myself that i have to do it
something that i had promise i will do it
yes, i am doing it 
but how long can it last??
i can't see any bright future anymore
i'm just too tire to think of it
a cripple needed a crutches
a blind person needed a seeing eye dog
isn't everybody need a little helps in life
so where is mine
i really need a huge helper like NOW!!

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