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Friday, February 17, 2012

just feel it

before you realize
the love day is over
i spent it on work
not a big deal
as it never pop up in my mind
saying that i will receive any surprise on this day
as i know that it never happen so far
i did not expect that to happen
as simple as that
things that you never had
you will not ask for it nor more
not that i don't wish to have it
but this is thing that we can never ask for
it will fall for you someday
on the right person on the right timing
even i feel strange that
i don't feel anything seeing their lovely celebrations
i wasn't waiting for anyone, any text, any surprise
deep in my heart
im happy seeing you guys are happy
this is where i feel the love is on the air
thanks for the sharing people

appreciate the person right next to you
they are granted by God for you
not by occasion but with a reason
loves are all around even with friends n family

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