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Saturday, October 01, 2011

seeing who i am

people do dream a lot
but i don't
maybe i shoud have say i do not remember
not say never
but only for a few times i could remember
i do day dream instead

i dream if i could be pretty as i use to be
i dream if i could be skinny as i use to be
i dream if i could be confident as i use to be
i dream if i could be happy as i use to be

i never know they have left me someday in the pass
i never know falling in love could loss everything
i never know how important is love to live
since when i realise they are all gone
since when i realise i need to get them back to myself
but how could i
is there a spell to have get them back right now

altho is more important to be who i am
to be who i have became
experiences which help me get here for who i am
instead of get back to the pass
isn't it a bigger challenge to know who i am
i got to love myself more
look deep inside
where beautiful and confident came from
i believe there is a long way to go
i have better start learning today

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