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Saturday, June 27, 2009

someone just said:"im glad to have you"

i was chatting with my friends the whole day
which i seldom do lately
because i'm getting lazy to communicate
but luckily i decided to have conversation with my friends today
because they brighten my day--my boring day

one of my friend suddenly telling me that she is crying over there
i don't know what to do and what to say at all
i just tried to say something so that she can feel better
i should say i wasn't good in comfort people
but i will just tell them what i had experience and how i get tru it
finally she was feeling better but wasn't because of what i had told her
but she just told me she felt glad to have me as her friend
and she appreciate god for giving her her life
so that she had a chance to met me
because i am the only friends who will not ignore her when she has difficulties
and i am the only one who willing to listen to her and share things with her
and she is someone who mades me knew that i can be somebody
i can be a person who is so important for someone
she is ~ Danielle

i saw a friend with a sad pm
so i just talk to her and try to figure out what's happening to her
she said she wasn't ready to tell what is happening
and yet i share something with her again
i just felt that she felt release after i told her something
of couse she said thanks to me
because my words helps her to feel better
and she told me that we, her friends can simply make her feel happy and satisfy with her life
she is one of the friend who i always share my experience with
she always said that even she does not have any of my experience
but she just get to learned something from my expereinces
she makes me realise my words can be so useful
can be so power to cheer up or help someone
she is - Hui Kuan

then...another friend of mine online
who is so difficult to met her online
because she was a busy woman
or else her internet or her laptop is having problem
we were discussing about our "wanna get tattoo"
we had mentioned to get a same tattoo at the same part of our body
and you know what??
we just happen to have the same idea of what logo we want to have
we aren't twins but sometimes we just happen to have the same thing in our mind
we can just understand each other by not telling the details
we just have a friendship, a relationship that
our future husband will get jealous
or anyone around us will do
because our friendship is just more than a friendship
can be more than a twins
we are just as important as our family do to both of us
she is - Mun Yee

they happen to say that happy to have me as their friends
i wanted to say is the same to me
im very glad to have anyone of them in my life
i should have thanks god for giving me so much of great experiences
and yet He gave me so much that i wants in my life
without my friends i couldn't be as tough as today
i couldn't know how to appreciate my life
there are just too much to say in my heart
i love everyone of my friends--by heart
they desserve it as my family do
because they are doing the same thing to me

with love ~ yvonne

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  1. dear...finally i saw it..
    i read it!!!feel warm...it's touching my heart!!!
    thanks dear...